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"Working with Brandon has been amazing! I am highly susceptible to injuries so getting back to working out really frightened me. Brandon paid very close attention to that, educating me on proper form while constantly keeping me motivated. He pushes me daily to keep striving for my goals and I really appreciate that."
- Elisabeth King
"After two heart attacks I knew it was time to hire a personal trainer and make some drastic life changes. Working with Brandon over the last few months has been extremely beneficial to my health. He designs workouts that are perfect for me considering I get exhausted quite quickly. He has helped out with my nutrition and I have been able to get off some of my meds. Even though it's me putting in all the hard work I felt without Brandon on my team I wouldn't be in the position I am today."
- Rick Downes
"Following a brain aneurysm I decided to hire Brandon to get me back into shape for my physical so I could safely return back to work. Not only did I pass my physical but my doctor said I'm in the best shape of my life. This has been a very rewarding journey and I would recommend Brandon to anyone looking to improve their health and extend their life."
- Bill Waligorski


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